Written by Katelyn Milligan

We all live in a world of consumption, but we can make it better through mindful sustainable practices in the social, economic, and environmental landscape. The good news is there are many eco-conscious businesses that are taking action to accomplish this.


Imagine living in Barent Sea, a small community above the arctic circle based on rich, clean, life-sustainable water where the green from the aurora lights up the sky… and finding plastic waste washing ashore.

It’s no surprise that mom knows best. In the 1970s and 80s, hand knit, chunky sweaters were all the rage. However, these fashionable clothing items were susceptible to harsh detergents and the rough laundry routine. Thick cotton sweaters didn’t dry well because they held too much moisture which led to mildew or shape loss.

Dropps founder Jonathan Propper’s mother cared about this because she sold patented cotton yarn. Who better to come up with a laundry detergent than the people who make the fabric? …

Mindful Businesses

A podcast that shares stories, tips, and advice from sustainable businesses.

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